Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Paxton's Tower from Whitemill

The painting above is of the Towy Valley towards Paxton’s Tower from Whitemill.
Paxton’s Tower is very similar to Broadway Tower in the Cotswolds that Alex and I visited earlier this year. Another folly. It is strange that landowners would build such massive structures for no useful purpose other than for their own ego. Particularly when there was so much poverty at the time.

There again it also perhaps obscene that many “works of art” are also sold for figures that would build schools or hospitals? It is all a matter of opinion.

Talking of money we are still having aggravation getting our money in from a couple of places. It is odd really that 50% of aggravation comes from a couple of outlets. At the end of the day it just isn’t worth bothering with and I suppose we will get around to taking more control of our sales. I have read on blogs that in the USA artists experience similar problems.
Anyway today I finished off the painting of the reservoir path. We have the grandchildren today so we are a bit limited.

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