Monday, 3 October 2011

Mumbles Sunset

Alex and I went for a walk down at Mumbles the other evening for a change. It was a lovely sunset and hence the painting above showing the lighthouse with the sun setting behind it.

Last Wednesday I walked past a car in Lammas St. Carmarthen and although I was several feet away the car alarm went off. I felt a bit like a criminal but ignored it and carried on. On Thursday Alex and I went to the Leisure Centre. We parked in the car park, which was pretty quiet and walked across to the Centre. As we were doing so a car alarm went off about 20 feet from me. Then on Saturday I walked across the road to my mother’s house and for no apparent reason a neighbours car alarm went off!
It is all probably coincidence but you have to admit it is a bit odd. I initially thought maybe my mobile phone was setting them off but then on Saturday I wasn’t carrying it.
Maybe car alarms don’t like artists!

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