Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I spent a few hours in the gallery this morning doing a painting of Kidwelly. I am teaching this afternoon. So a quick walk of the dog in between and a bite to eat.

On the way home I bought another sketchbook. I buy Windsor and Newton sketchbooks as a rule. I like a paper that can take watercolour if required. You still have to be careful though. Like many firms these days I guess they outsource and you get mixed quality. Last year I took a new pad with me on holiday and found that the surface of the paper just balled up when wetted. I was annoyed mainly because it was the only one I had with me. I have found it is no use complaining to Windsor and Newton as they don’t reply. I am not a moaner or complainer as a rule but if something is wrong I will generally do something about it. It is always nice to at least get a reply even if it is just to say sorry.

I complained about a £40 watercolour brush to them once but didn’t have the courteousy of a reply.

I always buy their artists quality paints, which are pretty well flawless.
Anyway always look on the bright side of life. The sketch of the waterfall above is one I did in Pembrokeshire while balanced with my easel on a little bridge. “Jac” was running around threatening to tip me and the easel in the stream. It wouldn’t be the first time. I think I still have the painting somewhere.

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