Monday, 31 October 2011

Llansteffan Green

I finished the painting of Llansteffan Green today shown above. The light was pretty poor to start with and I had a break for a cup of tea and a read. By then it had brightened up a bit and things went ok.

Alex and I hadn’t watched TV for about a week so we watched a bit of X Factor and Downton Abbey over the weekend. I kind of like X Factor but think morally it is a bit cheap to make a show of people losing every week and exposing themselves to ridicule and failure. On the other hand if they put themselves up for it what do they expect? What I am really not sure about is the quality of the performers. There are professional entertainers working every day and not making it that must get pretty fed up with a very mediocre singer who makes it as a celebrity. Frankie is one who comes to mind.

That of course is life and a similar situation occurs in the art world.

Anyway I am still fascinated by the program.

As for Downton Abbey it is not as Alex says that I come from that period but it is probably a kind of nostalgia, a longing for a gentler age.

Alex is putting the second coat of spray on the frames today, not a great job, as the fumes are not nice.

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