Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Pretty Baa-Lambs

I have previously said that in addition to many other fine artists I have a strong affinity to the work of the Pre Raphaelite brotherhood. This is not because I particularly paint like them although I have on occasions flirted with their techniques. It is because I grew up studying their works hung in the Birmingham Art Gallery. This obviously did have a strong influence on my development as an artist. Anyway one of those paintings is “The Pretty Baa-Lambs” by Ford Madox Brown.

I have done my own take on this work. It has to be said that the composition is entirely different. In the original Brown includes his wife and daughter feeding the lambs. Mine shows two lambs at rest with their mother.

Stage 1 of my painting is shown above. It may look like an odd way to paint a realistic scene but I am confident it will all come out okay (of course I could be wrong).

We have been having a good year and Alex is busy on the card and print front.

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