Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gwen John

No this is not one of my paintings. Alex and I managed to get away for the day to Pembrey Country Park, which was nice. Then, would you believe it out of all the thousands of people in the park we saw some of our grandchildren.

I started talking to one of our grandsons who is 6 years old. He then proceeded to tell me all about Gwen John. I was stunned. He knew about her paintings what they were like, the subjects. He knew she had lived in Paris with a famous sculptor (Rodin). It also happens I am a big fan of hers, along with her more famous brother Augustus John. For a six year old to have such a knowledge of a lesser known but great Welsh artist is unbelievable. He actually loves drawing too so who knows one day he will be an artist, but not if he wants to be rich!

Anyway the painting above is by Gwen John and is typical of her style. Gwendolen Mary John was born I believe in Tenby, (I was wrong Haverfordwest), (22 June 1876 – 18 September 1939) but worked in France for most of her career. She is noted for her still lifes and for her portraits, especially of anonymous female sitters.
Today Alex is making cards as we seem to have had a run on them lately.

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