Monday, 1 August 2011


The watercolour above was done from the sketch I did on Friday. I quite like the colours although Alex is not so keen. She is actually a better barometer of public opinion.

A man named George.

I have known three men named George all of whom were remarkable in their own way.
The first who was most influential on me was my Grandfather, a real gentleman who had survived the trenches of the First World War. I have posted about him previously but he took me to Cricket Matches (instead of School) and played Chess with me every night.

The second George was the foreman in a factory I worked in. He was in charge of the maintenance and tool room. He was quite a character straight out of the Wild One a James Dean look alike. He had an old soft top Singer in which he carried a hatchet under the front seat. He was pretty wild. He had a good sense of humour but quite a temper. He would happily nail your mug to the workbench and fill it with tea then tell others to stop messing around. He spent a lot of his energy putting his motorcycle parts through the factory stove enamelling plant. To be fair he knew his stuff and could do anything with machines. He was also happy for us to clock in on Sundays then hop over the fence to the canal bank at the back and go home. One person would be left to clock everyone else off. He was constantly at war with the security guard who knew what was going on but was sensible enough to say nothing.

The third George a good friend is known to every one in Laugharne. George knows everyone and everyone knows George. A really nice person who would do anything for you. If you are a friend of George as many, many people are you are fortunate indeed.

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