Friday, 12 August 2011

Mistaken Identity

Well we got a lot done today. The electrician completed the wiring and we just had to do the finishing off. We then set about decorating upstairs and the kitchen. I have also had a clear out so a lot of sketch books and some paintings have gone.

I found the little sketch above of Venice and it is really a five minute sketch as we went along in a water taxi. Its got a charm I like although it will never be framed and will one day make its way to the council tip.

When we last visited Venice we were on a cruise (and I bring this up because we have persuaded ourselves to go back there). It was all very charming and picturesque as opposed to Rome which we have stayed in and are not really impressed.

I recall on this Cruise we were in the theatre on the boat watching a show, which was quite good. Unfortunately there was someone talking behind us, which was very irritating. I am quite laid back and rarely say anything. It is normally Alex who wades in (she could start a fight in a chapel). On this occasion I eventually had enough and turned around to a party behind us and told them to be quite as they were spoiling the show for everyone else. I was probably a bit loud as a lot of people turned to look at them.

Two of the ladies burst in to tears and another said, “ It wasn’t us it was the crew behind us.” Who I saw were taking the opportunity to leave the theatre.
You can imagine I felt really embarrassed and a real heal. After the show I apologised to them but now revert to type and let things pass me by.

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