Monday, 15 August 2011

No Bull

I didn’t meet this fellow on my walk this morning. (He was at Pontargothi Show).

There are always cows in the field when I walk across Penlanffos. I don’t mind the cows but am always mindful of them particularly as I have a dog or dogs with me

However on the odd occasion there is a bull in the field. It is hard to see as there are a large number of cows and you can’t see all of the field from any one spot. I have sometimes not noticed a bull until I am half way across which is not very reassuring.
I am told that there is occasionally a Friesan Bull which is more unpredictable but I confess I don’t know the difference. Suffice to say I give all bulls a wide berth given the chance.
We are still decorating at the moment but are nearly finished.

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