Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mr Timmins

I have recently taken more of an interest in my family history, probably as a result of getting older and also the upsurge of interest with tv programs etc.

On my mother's side of the family it has been relatively (like the pun?) easy to trace my family history. On my father's side it has been a bit of a mystery.The picture above shows my father’s father Harold in his Sunday Best with the family cat Mr Timmins.

My mother was not keen on Harold and described him as sneaky and a bit of a rogue? What I do know is that in 1912 he was working in a jewellers shop in Birmingham when he suddenly left the Country on the SS Mauritania under a passport in a false name. He ended up in Argentina and went prospecting in the mines. He didn’t fight in the Great War and eventually returned to this Country and married. (I still have the passport and letters from Argentina).

Going back further his Father John Cox and family had lived in Heath Mill Lane Birmingham a small lane in the centre. Coincidentally this was also where the artist David Cox lived. My father told me that our family originally came from North Africa whether that is right or not I don’t know but there is genetic evidence to back it up.

Back to the present I have received an email from Josi Spicelli the young artist I posted about previously to look at her work visit:

I have finally disposed of a very large abstract that has adorned our kitchen for a long time. I am tasked by Alex for a large landscape to fill the wall. Still pondering that one. Also currently decorating!

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