Friday, 5 August 2011

Tan yr Allt

Busy day today we delivered a couple of pictures this morning including the one above. This shows Tan yr Allt Farm and the River Towy near Carmarthen.

We have also been shopping cleared a lot of work and have now to cut the lawns and maybe start a painting of Laugharne?

Now I know the following is not strictly irony but is more about God amusing himself (or more probably herself) anyway here is "a little irony". Many years ago we lived next door to Pat and Clive with their twins. They were great neighbours and we got on well. Alex and Pat would chat over the garden fence for hours. One day we all decided to go to Borth. We took our own cars and had a very pleasant day on the beach. When we got back in the cars I said we would follow Pat and Clive because their brake light had gone on the car on the way there just in case someone ran into the back of them. So off we all went and here is the irony (or fate playing silly buggers), in Bow Street we were in a queue of traffic behind Pat and Clive when a car ran into the back of us! Fortunately it didn’t do a lot of damage just cracked a lense and scratches.

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