Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Here is another watercolour sketch I did while we were in Cirencester. Today I was in the Gallery and worked on a landscape. It was quite hot in there but I lasted a couple of hours. No visitors but it was a change of scenery. Tomorrow I have an oil to finish while Alex goes to the Pictures.

As a bit of a carry on from yesterday’s blog you will remember (or not) the old buses were open at the back and you used to stand on the platform and hang on while waiting for your stop. Health and Safety would have had a fit. That said I never heard of anyone falling off a bus. It also meant you could run and jump on a bus when it was moving, admittedly you weren’t supposed to.
The only accident I witnessed was when a schoolboy got off the number 8 Bus at Saltley Viaduct and ran straight across the road only to be hit by a lorry coming the other way. It knocked him a good 20ft down the road but amazingly he was okay. I think his name was Cattel or something like that, anyway he was very lucky.

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