Monday, 22 August 2011

Letting go

The sketch above is of a little pony that is in a field on the walk I take in the mornings. I don’t know a great deal about horses breeds etc. You may be aware that although I admire them for their strength and beauty I prefer not to sit on them. I leave that to someone else.

Occasionally our son will accompany me for the early morning walk. I remember when the children were young we occasionally took them pony trekking. Fortunately they never fell off or had any mishaps. I do recall though when our son was about six we went to an adventure park near Borth. We were camping in a tent for our Summer Holiday. Anyway there were mini motorcycles going around a circuit with boys and girls of his age on them. He pleaded to have a go and it all seemed safe enough. So we paid the man and he got on a motorcycle and started going around the circuit. The course was at the top of a sloping field above the main buildings. Bales of straw were placed around the perimeter of the course. After a couple of laps our son hit a bump jerked the throttle and lost control. He somehow found the only gap in the straw bales and shot off out of the circuit going down hill through people towards the buildings and amusements. We were momentarily stunned but then started shouting for him to let go. Fortunately he did and the bike went one way and he the other.

We were very relieved. Although his clothes were worse for wear he was okay and seemed to have enjoyed the experience. I can’t remember if the bike was damaged or if we even checked.

That was the last time however he went on a motorcycle.

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