Friday, 26 August 2011

Moon in the Morning Gran Canaria

We have been away for a week in Gran Canaria with most of the family. There were 18 of us including grandchildren. It was a great place for the kids plenty of swimming and things to do. It was not the holiday Alex and I would choose if we went away by ourselves but it was really good fun.

The hotel was fine and the area was clean. The hotel had a good mix of British, German, Russian, Polish and Finnish visitors. All got on fine apart from an incident over the pool table when there was a minor verbal skirmish.

I didn’t get any painting done but didn’t expect to. I did do a number of sketches.
The one above is the mountainside opposite our hotel with the moon still showing at 9 in the morning.

We got home late yesterday after a few hiccups. We found that the hot breakfast and packed lunch that had been promised on departure were merely a conceptual idea.
No they didn’t appear. That is the trouble with conceptual things including art they are pretty much of no use or value.

What was even more of a problem was that the transport for 18 didn’t turn up to take us to the airport. A mini bus for 14 arrived despite us checking the day before and having a written confirmation from the company. In the end 18 of us crammed into a mini bus for 14 with luggage.
As an aside on the flight home Alex and I sat on either side of the Isle. Alex bought 2 teas off the trolley when the stewardess came along. The stewardess passed me my tea and some tubes of milk. When I opened the tube and squirted it the milk shot sideways and went down the dress and leg of the stewardess. She looked down at me as I apologised rather embarrassed. Then I nearly compounded the embarrassment. As she handed me a tissue I went to wipe her leg with the tissue realising just in time it was not to wipe down her leg but to put under my tea.

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