Monday, 8 August 2011


Today I finished the painting of Laugharne Boat House and varnished a couple of paintings. I have said before there are very good reasons why you should varnish and oil painting. There are also good reasons why you should not. I make the decision on an individual basis some I varnish some I dont. Alex has been making cards and Jac has been relaxing.
We went to our youngest daughter’s for lunch today, which was nice.

I mentioned yesterday that my eldest daughter had managed to take our keys to Clevedon wither yesterday. Well to even things up I will relate what happened to my daughter in law last week. She went to the garage with her two children in the back of the Zafira. She filled up with fuel and went to pay. When she came out of the shop she got in the car thought it was a bit quiet looked around and found the children had gone. She then realised she had got in the wrong car. The funny thing was it wasn’t a Zafira or even a car the same colour as hers. She managed to get back into her car without anyone apparently noticing and left somewhat embarrassed.

It could easily happen to anyone, well in our family!

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