Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The picture above is just a time filling drawing of an old tobacco tin. I was actually looking for a sketch of a Four Wheeler and came across this.

The other day we were having a day off watching the rugby as I posted. Anyway Alex and the girls (?) popped to the supermarket for more refreshments and the odd ingredient that had been forgotten.
Now anytime I here the words “ I am just popping to …”
I know that is code for, “I will be about four hours”.

So I wasn’t expecting them back anytime soon. The more interesting side of this was that we were left with the children. Now they are all great but surprisingly they have no interest in rugby. They are very interesting in creating an obstacle course and climbing over everything available including me. So it was a long 4 hours.

Anyway I digress from the subject of the post. Our daughter in law was driving a new Landrover for the first time. It was a company vehicle. The female contingent jumped in with shopping bags and credit cards minus children and left for the shops. All went well until the store closed and threw them out. They went back to the car and at that point my daughter in law realised she didn’t know how to reverse the car. She tried pushing and pulling the gear stick to get it into reverse but failed. Alex came to the rescue. We once had an old series 2 Landrover and she handled it like a toy.
So Alex leaned over pushed the gear stick in the right direction and gave a mighty heave.
To the amusement of all her hand came up holding the gear stick and complete housing.

Eventually everything was restored and reverse gear was located.

Today I did some sketching and then read a bit more of Mr Dickens.

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