Thursday, 11 August 2011


I finished the painting above yesterday. It shows Holy Cross Church at Mwnt along with attendant sheep.

We have the electrician in the kitchen today and it’s impossible to concentrate on painting due to the constant sound of drilling and chiselling. I tried to watch a bit of cricket but it was pretty slow and the noise really didn’t help.

I put up with the noise for a while but in the end I took the dogs a good long walk and took a trip to the skip. Hopefully he will have mostly finished tomorrow and I can get on.
I remember when we first moved in to this house and Alex asked me to put a can opener on the wall for her. Anyway I found the right location and checked there was no way that any electric wiring could be there. I started drilling and you guessed it for some reason known only to the builder/ electrician a 240v cable ran horizontally just where I was drilling. There was a very loud bang and flash as the dill bit melted. No harm done. I was a bit shocked and it frightened the life out of me.

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