Monday, 29 August 2011


The sketch above is a quick portrait of one of our granddaughters. I have previously said that I no longer do portraits except for the family. It is a specialised skill and one that needs to be kept up. More importantly it is very time consuming and the market doesn’t really pay except for the very few top portrait artists who charge £15k plus for a head and shoulders portrait (also known as a kit kat).

I find children are particularly hard to sketch/draw paint. You often see portraits, which are completely wrong proportionally for children. (Which tends to age them). They do not have the same general proportions as adults. They tend not to sit still either. It is all about observation and not preconceived ideas. Easy to say but not so easy to do.

Anyway I am quite pleased with the sketch above it is a good likeness and very recognisable to anyone who knows her. It took about 10 minutes observation and 5 minutes drawing. There is a minimal use of line and this results in an unfussy picture. It is unlikely to go anywhere further but will reside in a sketchbook.

Today I helped fitting out the new gallery, walked the dog twice, went to the gym and primed a large board for a new painting to go in Alex’s kitchen.

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