Saturday, 23 July 2011

Towy Valley

The oil painting above shows the Towy Valley looking across to Llangunnor. It is the commission I have been working on. Today has been busy so far. Walked the dog twice, tweaked the painting above, cut the lawns, trimmed the hedge, strimmed the vegetable patch, painted the shed, made a wooden dog for our grandson, and later we will be moving paintings.

Last night we went to see Oliver at the Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen. We took one of the grandchildren who thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very good production and I enjoyed it myself. I am as I have said before a big fan of Charles Dickens, a very overlooked author these days. When we were away in the Cotswolds I read the two volumes of Dickens "Our Mutual Friend" (along with the latest Baldacci and several John Grisham books). I read pretty quickly and can normally finish a novel in a day.

Even so if I start a book and don’t get into it by the second chapter I ditch it. I don’t like wasting my time reading or doing anything that is unproductive or rewarding.

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