Thursday, 28 July 2011

Series 2 Landrover

I did the painting above last week. It is of a Series 2 Landrover. Alex and I used to have a similar vehicle. It was good fun and useful but cost a fortune in petrol. We could do pretty well all the work on it as it is big and straightforward. We changed the head on the engine and converted it to unleaded fuel before reluctantly getting rid of it.

It’s been a bit a manic the last few days. The plumbers took out my mother’s old shower and I had to re tile so they could put up a new one. I have done work in Origin Dyfed Shop Painting and removing fittings. I have been in the Gallery. I spent an hour in the dentists chair this morning. I still found time to do 3 paintings. This afternoon I am helping remove the empty safe from Origin. I have been working out costings for international mail and I have spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to sort out some images on the computer and am on the point of giving up. Painting is so much easier and enjoyable. I have to find time to go and do some sketching for a watercolour in the next couple of days. Time for lunch and take the dog out.

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