Monday, 18 July 2011

Great Works

The watercolour sketch above is of the Folly in Bathurst Estate done during our stay in the Cotswolds.
While I was in the van I noticed when we gave Jac a bone it worried him. He would wander up and down for ages looking for somewhere to hide his bone. His stress levels (if dogs have them) must have been very high. Without the bone he was fine.
This brings me to a theme. I have often been asked what painting I would like to own if I could have any. Truthfully I am more than happy to visit the National Gallery or the Ufizzi and look at these wonderful paintings. I wouldn’t however want the responsibility of owning one.
I was chatting to a ceramicist one day and he told me he did work for a certain well off person who had a large collection of impressionist works worth a fortune that was handed down to him along with a large house and grounds. The owner was a jovial pleasant chap. One day he went to the house to continue work on a bespoke bathroom and he found the owner to be a shadow of his former self and had aged overnight. Apparently the property had been robbed, paintings and furniture worth millions had been taken and staff assaulted. The police eventually recovered some property in a very damaged condition in a mine in North England. The owner was at the time virtually a broken man. So yes I love looking at great works of art. Do I want to own one? No. I am more than happy with a modest life style and what God has given me by way of a little talent.

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