Saturday, 9 July 2011

Llanidloes Bowling Club

Sketch of the Bridge at Merthyr Mawr

Following on from my post yesterday. The bowling episode continued for a short period. Buoyed by our success in the club competition we entered into the County Championship. The day duly arrived when we were to play believe it or not the current and how many times County champions in the first round. The bowling club was a neutral ground and was Llanidloes. It was I recall a horrible day and when we arrived there was no one there. We were keen and very early so we thought we would have a practice. So we spent about half an hour getting to know the speed of the green and how it played then dried our woods and sat waiting for the opposition.
Shortly after the two arrived and after introductions we began as luck would have it on the same rink or bit of grass we had played on. To their astonishment and obvious frustration we won the first end. In the second we lost as they began to get the hang of the green and we were trounced in the third.
They congratulated us, (begrudgingly I thought) for I giving them a good run for their money particularly when they found out we had only being playing a couple of weeks.
It was then that we mentioned that we had practiced before they came. Oops, well it was as if we had been sick on their best carpet. Utterances were made of reporting us to the County Committee etc etc. And they had won! Unfortunately practicing on the green beforehand is apparently against the rules and high etiquette of the game. With hindsight you can see why. Anyway after our fast rise in the world of Bowls our demise was even faster. Better stick to painting.

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