Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cirencester Corinium Museum

The sketch above is of Dollar Street in Cirencester. Cirencester was the second most important Town in Britain during Roman Times. I am interested in history and have been on archaeological digs many years ago. Cirencester has the Corinium museum, which I visited but it was a bit too much early learning for me that is it was mainly dummies dressed as Romans and rooms made up as a Roman Villa but not much off anything original. I am sure it is great for schoolchildren but I didn’t get a lot from a mock up of a Triclinia (a Roman dining room made up of three reclining couches). This was particularly so as there was only one couch and armchair?

Still I guess I am just a grumpy old man, so Alex says anyway. Today I have been stretching paper for a couple of watercolours. The lawns need a scythe and the garden needs doing so plenty to do and painting tomorrow!

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