Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lost in fog

It is on bright sunny days like these that I miss having our boat. At anchor in a small bay like the one above near the entrance to Milford Haven. Spending the day sketching, or reading a book watching the shipping going in and out of the Haven. Then just to make life interesting a sea fog would roll in reducing visibility to 20yards with 5 minutes.

It would then be a decision of weather to make our way up river or stay at anchor where we were for the night. Of course often in the morning conditions would be no better. Frustatingly the sea fog would only be a couple of miles thick and bright conditions outside it.
Often we would plan a passage carefully sticking outside the channels of the large vessels whenever possible relying on the chart, compass and echo sounder.

Several times we heard the lifeboat launch to yachts that had become disoriented in the fog and lost their position.

I sympathise and note that life can be a bit like that a times too.

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