Friday, 1 July 2011

Putting it all to bed

Well that’s done for this year. Two weeks at Aberglasney a very good exhibition for us. Lots of nice comments and sales. A bit chaotic in the middle with the concert but nothing to worry about.

Yesterday went fine we had a phone call at home from a couple who had visited the exhibition gone home then decided they would like to buy 2 pictures so we have to get those in the mail today. We sold the painting of Mwnt above. I was surprised it didn’t sell before. It is pretty easy to tell which paintings are likely to go. As we have cards of most paintings the ones that go quickest tend to be the paintings that sell first.

In the afternoon a lady had a nasty fall on the steps just outside our window. I sat with her until the ambulance came and hopefully she is now recovering at home.Today is about putting paintings away in crates and the equipment, (mixed in with watching a bit of cricket on the TV).

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