Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cross Cirencester

The sketch above is of the Cross Cirencester outside St John the Baptist Church. Its strange how many times people stop and take pictures of Jac and I while I am sketching. It happened twice while I was sketching this picture and several other times during the two weeks. To be honest I think it is mainly Jac.
To continue the theme of yesterday, I was told this story by a Metropolitan Police Officer. A relatively wealthy man went to a London Dealer and bought a very expensive car for his wife. I cannot recall the make or model something like a BMW or Mercedes, Ferrari… It was one of only 6 in the UK and cost just under £200 thousand pounds.
A week after buying it he had a visit from an officer from the stolen car squad. He informed the gentleman that a gang of violent individuals had targeted the car for export. This team specialised in car jacking. (Stealing the car when the driver was present with the keys). They would use violence and would take the car but it was not known when. The man asked the officer what advice he could give him. He advised him to take it back and buy a less marketable car.
I know a man with an old Rolls Royce that is worth less than most new cars out of the show room but he cannot park it on the street because it gets deliberately scratched.
It’s sad but the reality is owning a valuable or unique item brings problems with it.

Yesterday Alex framed a couple of commissions and I did a watercolour. Today I have started another commission.

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