Saturday, 16 July 2011

St John the Baptist Church Cirencester

We got back today from a couple of weeks away in Cirencester in the van. It was a very relaxing time. I did some sketching and reading. Alex mainly spent the time knitting or browsing the shops. Jac had a whale of a time, as we were next to Bathurst Estate some 3,000 acres of Parkland.
We also played chess on a daily basis that is Alex and I. Jac isn’t quite up to it as he gets bored easily. He also tends to knock over the pieces with his paws.
So having had a good relaxing time its time to get back to work as I have 3 commissions to do and also start thinking about the next exhibition in Newport, Gwent.The sketch above is of St John the Baptist Church in Cirencester. It is a real landmark and can be seen from most locations around the town. I am well used to sketching in the street with one arm holding the sketchbook and Jac’s lead while my canvas-sketching bag is over my shoulder and my pencils are in my mouth and other hand. I also use an aqua brush for colour. This all works quite well until a passer bye takes a shine to Jac and then Jac is all over the place, tail wagging and rolling over with my arm, sketchbook and pencil lines going everywhere. Still its all good fun and practice. It also whiles away the time that Alex is looking for the next bargain for the grandchildren.

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