Thursday, 21 July 2011


The painting above is a commission I finished last week. Today I have got on with an oil painting of Towy Valley. Alex has been sorting out the expenses and paper work for the tax returns.

I have managed to watch half an hour of the Test match but it is a bit slow so no real hardship missing it. I used to enjoy cricket as a boy we would go to the park nearly every fine day and play. I wasn’t much good as a batsman and I definitely didn’t like getting hit with the ball which happened a lot to me not having a great deal of hand eye co-ordination in ball sports. One of the lads Assif was a really good fast bowler and he often peppered me with the ball on the hands legs and arms until he hit the wicket. I sadly learnt the other day he died a couple of years ago.

Tomorrow I must finish the landscape and at the weekend move our paintings from Origin Dyfed as it closes for a while.

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