Friday, 8 July 2011

Newtown Bowling Club ~ beginners luck

About 30 years ago I joined the bowling Club in Newtown with Mike a friend of mine.
Initially it seemed like a quiet place for a drink but we decided that bowls seemed like a good game without a lot of effort required. So we bought minimal equipment and being born optimists entered for the main competition of the year. The fact that the main prize involved bottles of whisky had nothing at all to do with it. We had a couple of games and then came the day of the competition.
To everyone else’s amazement we beat the opposition and got through to the final! We then had to play the club champions. Somehow we managed to beat them probably involving a lot of gamesman ship and the support of the entire club who thought it was hilarious. Every wood we put down was greeted with applause and cheers while the poor champions got “oh dear’s” and “never mind”. We did somehow win and suffered as the result of consuming the prize. Beginners Luck!
Today was spent sketching and reading.

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