Monday, 31 January 2011


I did the painting above of Laugharne Boathouse today. I have omitted the pile of rubble that is next to it. Originally there used to be Ferry House next to it but that was bought and demolished. It is all a bit of a mess now and a real shame. Lets hope it is all sorted out tastefully soon. It does however remind me of an embarrassing moment.

I mentioned one of our embarrassing moments in a previous post. Thinking about it there are actually quite a few. Now the first decent car Alex and I owned was an Austin Maxi. We bought it second hand from a dealer called Huw Talerddig. He had resprayed it and it looked superb. I drove it home and parked it in the garage. Unfortunately I also left half of the rear wheel arch on the garage wall! Not a good start within 1 hour of owning it.

Anyway it was a real tank. Shortly after buying it Alex decided to broadside and write off a mini, which had the temerity to drive down Newtown High Street when Alex was coming out of a side road. The only damage to the Maxi was a bent bumper, which we took off and hammered back in to shape with a lump hammer.

One day after taking the children to school Alex came home and parked the Maxi on our drive, which sloped up from the road. Later that day I came home for lunch and was having a sandwich when a neighbour knocked on the door and asked if it was our car parked in her house.

It had rolled down our drive across the road and then down her drive reversing into her porch and house. Now the Maxi did sustain some scratches and a broken lens. The house faired pretty badly and to be fair the neighbour took it pretty well. That Maxi did us proud for a quite a few years and would go anywhere in any conditions.

It eventually found a less exciting pair of owners.

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