Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Where to start

No, I know its not pretty but in the interest of art I thought I would show you a sketch I did for the next painting. It is a rough sketch on cheap printer paper. The blob in the sky is not the sun. It is a blob of olive oil picked up off the kitchen table. I have resolved the composition of the painting here, well almost I am not 100% certain. I may move the second dog. I will probably paint the dog with the ball first and see.

Today I did a few household chores unblocking a drain and re-hanging a door... Then I watched highlights of the Ashes. I then spent some time with pencil and paper to come up with the next painting. I will make this a small painting as I think it will suit it well. I have also decided to slightly change the foreground of the painting I did yesterday. I want a touch more yellow ochre in it. Now I am going for provisions as Alex is off for a few days taking her Mom home.
I should get a bit done while she is away and have plenty of excercise as she has the car.

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