Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Low tide

When we went for a walk on Sunday the tide was out a long way. It must have been a Spring Tide. I thought I must do a painting of the castle with just the beach and here it is above. There is always a danger of overdoing sand making it orange or having a large area of colour so there is a need to break it up. I think it has worked okay.

I posted about a couple of incidents we had with the car yesterday so I thought I would add to the theme. My first mode of transport was a motorbike and we have had many adventures on those that I will probably get around to talking about. The first four wheeled transport we had was a green Morris 1000 pickup that I bought off a fireman.

He had used it for his other job which was gardening. It was in good condition but we thought we could add a little character to it.

So we spent a week cleaning it up and re-spraying it metallic blue. We had all the equipment so it was a fairly easy but time consuming job with several layers of paint. It was to be fair, stunning and quite unique.

So we decided to take it for a test drive to Shrewsbury. Now on the way we met a nice family from Birmingham, a young man and his girlfriend, their baby and grandfather.

Now actually it didn’t happen quite like that.

Fifteen minutes into our maiden journey we were going around the double bends at Buttington when the family from Birmingham hit us head on. They had crossed the double white lines at an excessive speed and written off our pickup.

The grandfather broke his leg and the young man came through the windscreen. Alex went to hospital and I crocked my knee.

The charming family had stolen the car and were on their way to Aberystwyth for 2 weeks holiday. The young man didn’t have a driving licence and of course there was no insurance. Fortunately the Morris 1000 was pretty sturdy and we had no long term effects. We were third party so in the end we got nothing still the boy went to detention centre which was some consolation.

We did re-spray and do up a mini for Alex a while later. My father had the mini off her eventually and left it parked on a hill without the handbrake on while he opened a gate. It ran away and turned over writing it off.

Fortunately we are more successful with our paintings than car spraying.


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