Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I did the painting above today from the sketch in yesterday’s post. You will note I did make a couple of changes. I ended up with one dog although I did paint two initially and I also added a couple of sea birds. I am quite happy with the composition now.

It is a nice history picture of a boy with his father and a dog. A history picture lets the viewer read what is happening or has happened in the painting.

It reminds me of my father who was an extremely clever man. I would spend many happy hours watching him work in his workshop. Although I was too young to remember we were the only people in our street to have a television when Broadcasts started in our area. This would be 1955 I believe. The local doctor and all the neighbours came around for the first program.

We weren’t rich but my father had made the television from bits he had collected. It was apparently a green and black picture as it was an old cathode ray tube from some defunct radar equipment. It all worked perfectly except the picture was upside down. This was quickly rectified by turning the case on its head.

The term thinking outside the box must have been invented for him. If he wanted something he would think about how to make it irrespective of the complexities.

To my knowledge he made an electronic organ, many radio’s, stereo player, lathe’s, metal working machines, a large electric saw you had to start by slipping the pulley with a counter weight. His whole workshop had many strange machines running on old flat canvas belts held together with metal pins that made a “clacking ”sound as they ran over the pulleys.

Sadly all those machines are gone now but the memories are alive in my head.

Today Alex took her mother home so I am left with Jac and my mother to look after.

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