Saturday, 1 January 2011


Here is the sugar shaker pretty well finished. I had a fresh look at it today and there are a couple of details to finalise including the rim of the bowl. I used a good warm background made up from Burnt Umber and French Ultramarine adding Titanium white and Yellow Ochre when bringing it into the foregound.
Anyway we had a good New Years Eve.

Yesterday I went to see my mother and was greeted with,
 “I thought you were dead, dear.” I didn't think I was so I replied with the quote by Mark Twain,
 “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

It went over my mother’s head and into the ether!
“Have you come to make my sandwiches?”

I thought about her comments and those she made before she became confused. Her view was that the young generation ie.mine (although I am grey and have six grandchildren) is very weak and becomes upset by death too easily. She had lived through the War and seen many friends die and had seen the huge amount of suffering caused by the Luftwaffe.
She drove an ambulance in the war and often referred to the large numbers of dead that were the daily toll. She and many others would walk back home in the early hours with bombs still going off and the fires burning having little choice but to accept whatever hand fate played for them. She is now at an age now when there are only a handful of her friends left alive.

So from her perspective maybe I can see why death is treated in a fairly matter of fact manner.
 I have to take the dogs out now.
Then I will watch the rugby on the television. Scarlets v Dragons. Alex is hoping to start framing again tomorrow as we have some work to finish.

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