Saturday, 29 January 2011

Early Morning ~ Heneglwys Farm

We have been away for a few of days in Pembrokeshire. The first day was pouring with rain the other days were cold but sunny. I read a couple of books, managed a couple of watercolours and some sketches and enjoyed a few long walks.

The Christians have a song called Perfect moment and it has a really great sentiment to the lyrics. Basically it is saying that every day has every so often a perfect moment. For me this could be the sight of the dawn breaking as I walk the dog, silence in the valley, sharing the sunset with Alex my good lady or a perfect brush stroke.

A watercolour is always an adventure. This is because in many ways it is a random process that can somehow surprise or disappoint you. Whilst it is nearly always possible to alter a watercolour for me it is not perfect if it isn’t right first time. The viewer may not know but the artist will. Another artist will generally also be able to see it as well. For me there is great satisfaction in a wash going well, for a tree materialising from a series of marks on the paper. These are perfect moments. On the rare occasions everything about a watercolour goes perfectly that is something to savour.

The painting above is of Heneglwys Farm near Letterston, Pembrokeshire. Heneglwys means old church. I assume at one time there was a church nearby. Anyway I did a quick sketch in the literally freezing cold and then painted the picture in the camper van. It was pretty well a perfect moment. The painting was simple and went as I planned it. It is not the greatest subject in the world and the composition could probably be improved. It is unlikely I will frame it for sale but I had great pleasure in painting it and seeing it turn into the perfect moment.

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