Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Art and Sexism

Here is a little watercolour I did in conjunction with Carmarthen Radio. The painting sold shortly after.

I have quite often found myself at the wrong end of a camera or microphone by some act of fate. Even this weekend as we went to London on the train a television crew asked for a piece about the electrification of the line. I am not particularly nervous about facing a camera or making a speech in public. On the other hand it is not something I seek out. I am distinctly aware of the microphone or camera. Only yesterday 2 television commentators were disciplined for comments they made that were distinctly sexist.

I don’t think I am sexist on the other hand I am not averse to making banter about it. Alex (a former beauty queen) my good lady is a shining example of how a women (or man) can succeed in any role they wish. As an office manager she was efficient and capable. When all the children had left home she decided to become a marine engineer. She went to college and was the marine engineer student of the year. She worked in a boatyard, working on engines, climbing masts, and removing fittings with a grinder etc. She had nothing but praise for the men she worked with. She was the only female and was always treated very well by all the rough and ready men. When she finally left the boatyard did everything they could to retain her. Now she is a professional framer and runs our business.

Is there sexism in art? Who knows probably, but it is such a disparate profession it is difficult to know. Basically artists stand or fall on their own merits and luck. (Unless they happen to be connected or are a celebrity in their own right. e.g. Timmy Mallet, Sting…)

Today I am off to do some watercolours outside weather permitting.

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