Thursday, 13 January 2011

In good company

Here is a watercolour of Dryslwyn Castle I did today. It was quite simple and fairly quick.

We had two of the grandchildren today so I was lucky to get any painting done. Also the light was reasonable for a couple of hours.

Dryslwyn Castle overlooks the River Towy and sits in a commanding position in the centre of the valley. The Castle was subject to a siege in 1287, following a revolt by Rhys ap Maredudd.

Rhys was Prince of Deheubarth, an area of South West Wales covering roughly the Counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, and Pembrokeshire today.

The English reacted with Earl Edmund of Cornwall, taking a great army from Carmarthen on 9th August. Eventually there were more than 11,000 men-laying siege to the Castle. They used all the usual means to force an outcome including mining under the walls and throwing huge stones with a trebuchet. I believe some of these large carved stones/missiles have since been found.

The castle was captured by 5 September, and although Rhys ap Maredudd escaped, his wife and son were captured.

I enjoy painting churches, castles and to be honest most things. I do however occasionally hear the odd comment at my exhibitions, “oh, not another castle.” Despite the fact there may be only five or six amongst sixty paintings.

Joseph Mallord William Turner was one of the finest artists Britain has had. He painted many castles including Dryslwyn (in 1798). If it was good enough for him its good enough for me.

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