Friday, 7 January 2011

Willow Pattern ~

This is the next still life so far. I started the plate and blocked in the sugar shaker and knife today. It is actually a scalloped plate, that is it has little bits nibbled out of the edge. I will actually ignore the scalloped edge. There is probably about 2 days painting left to finish it. I may do some tomorrow I’ll see.

When I was young we had plenty of willow pattern crockery at home its odd to think that it is collected now. Good plates are particularly expensive as I suppose people hang them on the wall.

The story attached to Willow Pattern is about a Mandarin’s daughter Koong-se who fell in love with a servant Chang who. The couple eloped and it is they being chased across the bridge by the Mandarin.

Eventually the lovers settled in distant lands, but this is no happy ending story. The Mandarins men found them, put Chang to the sword and burnt down the house with Koong-se in it.

The gods were touched by the story and immortalised the lovers as two doves and stuck them on a plate.

Well it goes something like that anyway. It’s quite a nice story and as I said before I like to know the story behind things.

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