Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"Candlewick to Trumpton"

Today I did a painting of Carreg Cennen Castle shown above. I did the painting from a sketch. I used a ground of burnt sienna and alizarin crimson, then painted directly without sketching it out.

I watched Candlewick Green to Trumpton or something like that on Sunday Night. It is light easy watching if not a little idyllic, extolling the virtues of poverty and simple living. There was a point brought up in the episode worthy of note.

The story concerned a poetry competition being held by the “Candlewick Times”? The heroine was sternly addressed by her mother about her attitude to the competition. Our heroine or at least subject of the story was obsessed with winning the competition. Her mother asked the pertinent point. Did she wish to become a writer or was it merely that she wished to be decorated in garlands as the winner of the competition?

There is of course no simple answer to this question. All artists, poets and people in general probably wish to be recognised by their peers. Do they however wish to put in the hard work to become proficient at their craft?

As for myself I admit I have flirted with the idea of greater recognition and allowed myself to submit work to Annual London Exhibitions on several occasions in the past. It is truthfully, an ego thing but I am confident enough in my own work now not to let it bother me. The truth is that in the main I am just grateful that by working hard I am able to produce work of a high standard that people are happy to buy.

I had a knock on the door only the other day and a neighbour tried to persuade me to enter some television competition about art. I was happy they had been thoughtful enough to bring it to my attention but I really have no interest in that sort of thing. If an artist I admire, is kind enough to make a positive comment about my work that is recognition enough.

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