Monday, 10 January 2011

The Companion

I couldn’t resist painting this. I don’t know what sort of dog it is probably some sort of terrier. He was there ready to protect his mistress. The two ladies were oblivious to it all in some prolonged discussion. They always are aren’t they?

It is an odd composition but I think it works okay. Strictly speaking there are a number of reasons why it shouldn’t work but I have tried to balance those out.
The image is a bit poor due to the lack of light. I always photograph my paintings under natural light and today there wasn’t a great deal about. Not brilliant for painting either more to the point. I had thought I would paint a landscape but there you go thats the impulsive nature of the artist, live dangerously eh (sorry that’s irony there).

I solved a problem today I had with my Juliann Easel. The easel itself is very well thought out and comprises of a portable easel combined with a paint box.

It was designed by Roger Jullian a French Prisoner of War. He spent much of the war refining his design and afterwards went into production. My specific problem is that although the top half of the easel is fully adjustable it slips backwards when adjusted to its primary angle i.e. About 65 degrees +. This is most disconcerting when you are in the middle of some delicate piece of detail.

The problem is that the weight of a board is too much for it to hold. The nuts holding it in place were 2 x knurled nuts for hand tightening. I have replaced them with wing nuts, which now allow it to be tightened sufficiently to prevent slippage when pressing on the board.

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