Sunday, 9 January 2011

A walk on the beach

This morning we went for a walk with the dogs on Llansteffan Beach. It was a beautiful crisp morning. I didn’t have time to do any painting and in any case it was a little bit frosty on the digits. I have painted the views here on many occasions and they all sell. I did do a quick a pen and ink sketch which is shown above.
I also fell in crossing the stream at Ferry Point which raised a good deal of laughter.

I enjoy using pen and ink. It is not a forgiving medium and it is quite possible to spoil a picture right up until you put the last mark on it. For that reason you have to think out every line and mentally place it on the paper before doing it.

The little stone in the foreground to the left of centre is the top of a standing stone on the beach. The stone is not shown on any current records that I am aware of although there are many megalithic sites and stones recorded in the area. The nearest of these being Is Coed (a standing stone at Ferryside) virtually opposite on the other side of the Towy. I have however been assured that the stone on Llansteffan Beach is shown on earlier maps of the area and that it is shown as being a good deal higher at that time. So it is likely that the sands have shifted somewhat.

Well Alex has made a lovely Sunday dinner and we have family around to help devour it so I had better not be tardy.

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