Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chicken tonight!

The painting above is of Laugharne Castle and was sold at the end of last year. I am something of a romantic in that I have an attachment to old places, churches, castles and am interested in the history of places. When I was young one of my ambitions was to be an archaeologist. To be fair at other times wanted to be a train driver, a scientist, a sailor, an artist and a stonemason.

I did go on a few archaeological digs which were interesting at times but there was a lot of scraping and digging. As I have a low boredom threshold I soon fell out of the idea of being an archaeologist. I had a good education but didn’t work at school leaving at 16yrs. I tried to get a job as a stonemason but failed at the time as no one was taking on apprentices.

I have done a lot of sailing and I am a full time artist so in the end I didn’t do badly.

I like history because I like to know the story behind things. Why is a place called that? How old is that? I am interested in my family history which I can trace back to 1500's on my mother's side.

I talked about my father yesterday. I have researched into his side of the family without much success. My father said his side of the family were Romanies from North Africa. I never really believed him but there again he was very dark skinned. I am quite dark and also have a propensity to keloidal scarring which is I understand genetic to persons of African or Asian descent. So who knows.

His mother’s family were easy to trace, they were  from Pembroke Dock, and were  mostly Dockyard workers.
Anyway today I started another still life. I am using the willow pattern coffee pot I bought on ebay and a willow pattern plate. It is quite involved and because of the detail it can be quite tiring on the eyes. I have made good progress though.

Alex is still at her mother’s so I am considering how to cook chicken thighs now.

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