Saturday, 31 October 2015


I rarely use bought boards as a surface for painting. There are too many variations in their qualities.
The painting above was done on a bought canvas board. I had noticed over the weeks that the oil paint had sunk into the primer in places. I therefore had to set about the painting again today and re-work it.

Now the photograph is pretty dire but after a couple of attempts at getting the right light with reflections off the canvas surface I gave up and didn't even bother with photo shop to get an accurate portrayal of the values and hues. I have never really got on well with cameras. Anyway please take my word for it it looks fine in real life and I no longer have to walk passed it thinking I must do something about that.

Last night Alex and I went to the Scarlets and were treated to hospitality before and after the game by friends. Another good result and a pleasant evening out.

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