Monday, 26 October 2015

Lewis Hamilton and I

This is a corner of our workshop. Today has been put aside to carry out a clean up. It is normally pretty tidy but things need moving to remove an accumulation of dust and throw out items deemed to be no longer useful.

Not a great job but one that has to be done. I have made one trip to the disposal site and took the opportunity to discard two paintings that had been hanging around for 18 months.

I note Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 Championship yesterday. Congratulations to him he has style and must have nerves of steel.

We seem to have quite a  lot in common:

We are both learning to play the piano

We both have a unique style in headgear

Neither of us drive for Ferrari

Neither of us is now dating Nicole Scherzinger (but in any case I very happily am married).

Actually come to think of it I am a bit older than you and I don't have £150 million either so maybe we don't have that much in common in the end but well done anyway.  Lewis, "You are Class".

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