Thursday, 15 October 2015

Refineries Milford

Yesterday I took Alex to Milford Haven to see a chiropractor. Jac and I had a wander around the Marina and Milford to avoid listening to the screams coming from the treatment room.

There was a distinct lack of shipping in the Haven. A far cry from when we used to sail out of there. Two of the refineries have now closed. Pictured above is a painting of the old Texaco/ Chevron Refinery which I did from our mooring in Angle. I used to enjoy watching the work boats, tugs and pilot boats coming and going. My family worked in the shipyards on the river in the 1800's and early 1900's they have gone too. I suppose it is good for the local environment that they have shut but the effect on the local economy must be awful.

Today I have a couple of competing ideas for a painting. I have finished two this week.

Oh yes Alex is much better today after her visit to the "chiro" (just as well as she is a terrible patient).

Link Mark Knopfler and Jimmy Nail

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