Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bridge over the Towy

This is a watercolour of the Bascule Bridge (lifting) over the Towy at Carmarthen. It is still in use and carries the main line trains West although it no longer lifts as the mechanism having been removed.

I have done several full paintings of the Bridge including the remnants of the mechanism.

Our fortnightly delivery of framing materials arrived today and we find our main moulding is out of stock and they have delivered none which is more than inconvenient. This is not the first time and they didn't even have the courtesy to notify us, again. So Alex is spitting feathers and we will have some unframed works hanging around until the suppliers get their act together.

As I write two grandchildren have arrived along with a downpour of rain. Anyway we are taking them to see David Cowdry's Exhibition today.

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