Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A day on the beach

This is one of three paintings that sold this week.

I didn't mention we went to the horse racing at the week end. I am not a regular attendee. In fact it was only the second time in my long life. On the previous occasion I went with a group of men to Newbury where we hired a box  and that was a good day out.

Anyway I placed bets on the first three races and was delighted to note I could place each horse ...last. I used my money more effectively in the bar after that.

Alex meanwhile had a result in every race including a first and second. So I lost £12 and she won £14. It was a nice day and I couldn't help thinking about the paintings by Degas of Horse Racing. In fact several of the impressionist (including Manet and Cassat) did some nice paintings of race horses full of life and light . A local artist who does exceptional paintings of Race Horses and Jockeys is Lisa Miller. Link

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