Saturday, 24 October 2015

Getting Older

Here are my thoughts for what they are worth on getting older;

Getting older means:

"Being pleasantly surprised by, finally finding the TV remote in the fridge, 

Being pleasantly surprised by finding a bottle of wine in the back of the cupboard,

Being pleasantly surprised by waking up in the morning, 

Going with the family to watch the rugby,

Looking forward to the next 24 hours as much as the whole of the previous days in your life.

Smiling at the naivete of youth, politicians and people in general,

Smiling at the rebelliousness of youth.

Having a bus pass but walking anyway.

Holding the door for someone even if they ignore you.

Not worrying about things you can't alter,

Remembering beer when it was served warm and a choice of mild or bitter.

Remembering  when music was still music,

Remembering with a smile those no longer here,

Enjoying a sunset or a good book,

Not needing to talk to fill in the silence,

Being strong inside,

Knowing life is about experience not collecting goods,

Knowing contentment is happiness,

Knowing you did your best,

Knowing at the end all men and women are equal,

Knowing the secret of life and cherishing it,

Coasting to the invisible finish line having loved the race and those around you,"


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