Monday, 5 October 2015

Send me no wine

I was asked the other day what I did with all my sketches and pen and ink work. Simple after a year or so I throw them out. I do them either for my own amusement and practice or for the basis of a painting. The one above was the basis of a several of paintings but even that has gone now.

I am not a hoarder. If I have read a book I wont keep it. Alex is of course the opposite. I am often being accused of throwing something away. Strangely the things she misses tend to re-appear the things she doesn't are the things I have thrown out, but don't tell her.

I am currently working on a painting of Llansteffan in the Autumn. I worked out that 3% of my finished and framed paintings were of Llansteffan from some view or other. We had a pleasant weekend drinking wine, watching rugby and walking the dog (not all at once!).

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