Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Garden Shed a work of art ?

Okay so why am I showing  a picture of my garden shed? Well number one reason its falling down and I have been considering whether to buy a new one or design and build my own. Secondly is it a piece of art?

In respect of building it myself I would quite like to but can  I justify a weeks work when all it will do is hold my old lawnmower? I guess I haven't answered the question because I was thinking this last October and miracle upon miracles its still standing.

Now  everything is art,even a photo of a garden shed. To explain further I include a link to an article on Peter Finnemore  who represented Wales at the Venice Biennale. Vive la Diffference as they say.
If my shed is a work of art then maybe the Arts Council for Wales would like to make a bid for it. I would be happy to consider a reasonable offer.

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